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Nov 8, 2018

We were driving along Hwy 33 in Osborn, Missouri when it came into view. A tower standing a 100-ft or so tall, it’s bright white paint a stark contrast against the baby blue sky. In bold, black letters down the side of the tower we could make out the letters “M I L K.”

It’s here that we talked with Matt Shatto about his family’s journey of building their small dairy farm, Shatto Milk Company, into a successful multi-faceted farm-to-market business…and becoming one of the Midwest’s most beloved dairies along the way. Join us as we chat about the day they decided to cut the cord with their co-op, how they’ve expanded their product line to include award-winning cheeses, ice creams and flavored milks (root beer milk anyone?), and how they reincarnated the milk man with their home delivery service – a business model that not only includes their products, but meats and produce from other local farmers as well.

Afterward, we challenge you to check out and try not to drool.